Supersprint exhausts are manufactured in Italy and have been in producing some of the worlds finest exhaust systems since 1955. Every Supersprint exhaust component from backbox, to manifold, has been researched, designed and tested to ensure performance and power increases.

No other exhaust manufacturer has the performance evaluating experience of Supersprint. Supersprint carries out over 1500 dyno tests every year on their systems testing their systems on each car, and even each engine variety, so you know when you order the Supersprint exhaust that you will be buying not only an exhaust system of the finest quality but also impressive, proven power increases.

Supersprint exhaust develop only free-flow exhausts, each suited to the car's particular engine type. The dimensions of the pipes and the inner silencer cores' are carefully determined in each application for the best results and power increases.

All of the Supersprint exhausts are specifically suited to each specific car model and guarantee an ideal blend of performance increase, reduction in exhaust back pressure, sport sound and legendary durability.

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