Goodridge Jaguar Brembo Brake Lines XJR 4.0

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G-Stop Brake Line Kits by Goodridge are crafted from the highest quality hose, utilizing PTFE inner layers with stainless steel overbraid. Replacing stock brake lines with -03 PTFE hose amplifies brake feel, reduces sponginess, and grants shorter stopping distances and reliable braking in performance scenarios. This enhancement in stopping distances and pedal response adds a safety bonus to the performance benefits. G-Stops are checked in nine quality control processes, including material tensile strength and a 3000psi pressure test. The lines pair well with ABS brakes, helping to eliminate “chatter”. Furthermore, G-Stops meet FMVSS106-Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard- and are DOT compliant and TUV approved.





  • Performance Enhancement & Safety Improvement
  • Eliminates Sponginess Under Braking
  • Increases Braking Efficiency
  • Abrasion and Corossion Resistent

Installation Instructions