Powerhouse Jaguar XJR Performance Uprated Rear Suspension Anti-Roll Sway Bar (X308)

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An uprated rear anti-roll bar for the X308 model XJR.

Though not short of engine performance, the XJR benefits noticeably from improvements to its suspension.  Spring and bush kits have been widely available for years, and we are now pleased to offer these uprated roll bars which we had specially manufactured for the XJR. Approximately 35% stiffer than standard, this upgrade will reduce roll during spirited driving but will not make any discernible difference to the smoothness of the 'Jaguar' ride and can be used in conjunction with standard or uprated road springs.

A direct bolt-in replacement for the original item, requiring only some rotary file trimming to the roll bar rubber bushes.

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Jaguar XJR / XJ8 4.0 V8 (X308) 1998 - 2002.